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Our services are provided by highly educated licensed professionals with extensive experience in real estate investments and property management, as well as the related fields of tax and accounting.

Our tax and accounting backgrounds have taught us that it’s all about the details, down to the penny. Many property management companies overlook the little details, or ignore what they perceive as burdensome rules and regulations. That’s not our style. These kinds of oversights can, and often do, lead to increased expense and liability for property owners. We pride ourselves on the attention we pay to details, which sets us apart.

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Vince Walker Owner, Association Manager, Real Estate Agent

Vince is the owner and operator of PMI First State. Having served eight years in the Marines, including a period as Sergeant, instilled an unwavering commitment to excellence and an ability to thrive under pressure. Afterward, he spent 15 years honing his expertise in the dynamic world of IT, mastering the intricacies of fiscal responsibility and project management.

Vince’s Marine Corps experience wasn’t just about following orders; it was about leading. As a Sergeant, he learned to command respect, make split-second decisions, and motivate his team to achieve seemingly impossible goals. These hard-earned skills translate seemingly into the business world, where Vince fosters a culture of collaboration, accountability, and results-oriented action.

Leadership alone isn’t enough for success in today’s complex business landscape. Vince’s 15-year career in IT equipped him with a deep understanding of fiscal responsibility and project management. He knows how to manage budgets, allocate resources effectively, and ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget. This financial acumen and strategic thinking are invaluable assets for PMI First State, ensuring their clients the highest return on their investment with PMI First State.

Vince Walker’s Journey, from the discipline of the Marines to the technical expertise of IT, is the perfect blend of leadership, dedication, and business savvy. He understands what it takes to build a successful team, manage resources effectively, and achieve ambitious goals. As owner of PMI First State, Vince is poised to leverage his unique skillset to take the company to new heights and set a new standard within the industry.