3 Common Rules About Pets in a Community in Delaware

3 Common Rules About Pets in a Community in Delaware

In the U.S., 57% of homeowners have pets. With a number like that, it's no wonder that most HOA communities have policies that allow people with pets to move into the neighborhood.

Are you looking for a home in a pet-friendly HOA community in Delaware? HOA pet policies may be in effect in many of the communities you come across in your search.

Keep reading to learn about three common rules about pets in a community.

1. HOA Noise Rules

Most towns, cities, and counties have rules regarding noise during certain hours of the day. HOAs may have additional rules and some of them are directed towards pets.

All dogs bark, but excessive barking, especially during the night or early in the morning, would be considered disruptive and against HOA rules.

Any homeowner bothered by a barking dog would be able to report the problem to the HOA board. Following notification of the problem, the homeowner would have to come up with a plan to deter the dog from excessively barking.

A property management company could be the intermediary in dealing with a neighborhood dispute over noise from a homeowner's pet.

2. Proper Waste Disposal

Cleaning up after your pet is not only considerate; it is also a matter of public health. All yards and public spaces should be free of solid waste.

When homeowners walk their dogs, they should pick up after them and properly dispose of their pet's waste.

Many neighborhoods provide waste bags and trash receptacles for pet waste.

Some HOAs impose penalties or fees when pet owners neglect to clean up after their pets.

3. Leash Policy

An HOA pet rule requiring pets to be on a leash is in the best interest of everyone in the community. Some dogs can be protective of their owners and may not like it if an unleashed pet approaches.

Putting a leash on your dog will keep him from running off and getting lost or hit by a passing car.

Some neighborhood amenities include a dog park where dogs can enjoy some off-leash time running around in an enclosed area.

Why Follow HOA Pet Restrictions?

It's important to follow HOA dog rules to keep both your dog and members of the community safe.

Many different issues can arise with pets in a neighborhood. Keeping your pets on a leash and cleaning up after them goes a long way to ensuring the well-being of the entire community.

Following these rules also helps maintain home values in the community. It's a win for all homeowners.

HOA Policies for Pets in a Community

Many HOAs have specific rules like those outlined above for pets in a community. The neighborhood should have clear, established, and easy-to-understand HOA pet policies for homeowners to follow.

Do you need assistance with HOA rule enforcement? Schedule an appointment to discuss how we can help. We at Property Management Inc. First State have a team of licensed professionals. We are ready to customize our services to meet the needs of your community.