Duties of a Community Association Manager in Delaware

Duties of a Community Association Manager in Delaware

An astounding 41% of Delaware's homes are located in HOAs.

If you're a resident of a Delaware homeowners association, you expect a certain quality of life in your community. When you're not experiencing the perks of HOA living, you have to look at the leadership your HOA board is providing.

Your association only goes as far as leadership will take it. By hiring a community association management company to support your HOA board, you can bring your HOA to new heights in 2024. Keep reading and we'll tell you what a community manager does and how they improve life in HOAs across the country.

Community Maintenance

One of the most important aspects of HOA living is having a well-maintained community. Residents should feel safe, secure, and comfortable in the confines of the association. If the community is in disrepair, homeowners will quickly start to take notice.

Another thing that community maintenance does is bring more investor interest. When you have people wanting to buy into your HOA, property values will rise. Some HOAs have property values 4% higher than non-HOA homes.

An association manager will prioritize vendor coordination. Your community may need weekly recycling pickup or springtime landscaping - the HOA manager will ensure all maintenance is scheduled with a great local vendor.

HOA Accounting Services

HOA members must pay their HOA dues each month to live in the community. These go towards everything that the community needs, from maintenance to new amenities. If money is poorly managed, however, the HOA won't get these basic luxuries.

Accounting is often left to the HOA treasurer, who may or may not have any accounting experience. Poor accounting ultimately leads to higher HOA dues as homeowners are relied on to pick up the slack.

HOA managers come with experienced accountants. These people will take care of fee collection, bookkeeping, and budgeting to improve the financial outlook of the community.

Ensuring Compliance

The governing documents of the HOA tell homeowners how they should be acting in the association. Some communities have rules restricting renting out property, while others have rules around what your property's landscaping can look like.

There are always going to be people who don't think the rules apply to them. It's supposed to be the HOA board that issues penalties to rule breakers, but it can create a difficult power dynamic.

This isn't the case with an association manager. They'll have no problem punishing bad actors. They can also resolve conflicts between homeowners to create a more welcoming and inclusive community overall.

Hire a Community Association Management Company Today

These are just a few of the many ways that a community association management company improves HOAs. If you've lost faith in the way your HOA is being run, it might be time to switch to a more professional setup.

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