Roles and Responsibilities of an Association Manager in Delaware

Roles and Responsibilities of an Association Manager in Delaware

HOAs can offer great services to local communities. They keep the area in great shape and ensure everyone has a voice in the community. And with the number of HOA communities rising, an increasing number of people are joining HOA communities.

However, an HOA may offer a terrible experience if the management doesn't handle things right. Let's look at the services an experienced HOA board and association manager should offer in Delaware to keep local homeowners happy.

Administrative Work

One of the primary roles of an association manager is the general administrative work a homeowners association needs to do. This work includes:

  • Filling out paperwork
  • Organizing documentation
  • Answering homeowner requests
  • Reviewing proposals
  • Taking minutes at meetings

An HOA manager will keep everything organized to ensure everything is in place and other HOA board members and community members have everything required to run their HOA.

Vendor Coordination

Maintenance is another area in which a community manager helps in an HOA. They are one of the people responsible for contacting vendors and coordinating with them to get support when issues occur.

A manager will also develop a maintenance plan for the HOA property. Instead of waiting for things to break, they will work with vendors to create a maintenance schedule to keep the common grounds on the HOA in great shape.

Homeowner Communication

Another responsibility of an association manager is communication with homeowners. Much of the time, it's coordinating meetings, sending notices, and informing people about rules.

However, there may be times when a manager needs to send code violations to homeowners. They will give notice to homeowners violating the HOA rules and take action against those who don't bring their homes up to code.

Legal Help

There may be some situations in an HOA where it needs legal expertise. Some instances of this include:

  • Confusion about code enforcement
  • Eviction processes
  • Legal help with new local laws

An association management company or manager will work with legal experts to get all the information an HOA needs. They will then take action or bring what they learned to the board so they can decide on how to proceed.

Financial Services

HOAs need great accounting to function properly. HOA dues go to maintaining the community, paying vendors, and other tasks. And if an unexpected emergency occurs, a reserve needs to be big enough to handle the problem without needing assessments from homeowners.

An association manager will help manage the budget for an HOA. They will generate cash flow statements, negotiate with vendors, and handle other tasks to ensure the HOA has great financial health.

Take HOA Board Duties Seriously

A community manager on an HOA board has a vital role in an HOA community. They are one of the primary contacts who maintain the area and coordinate with residents about what's going on. If you're in this role or plan to find someone to take it on, make sure there is an understanding of the responsibility so all HOA association manager duties are completed.

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