5 Tips for Setting Guidelines for HOA Holiday Decorations

5 Tips for Setting Guidelines for HOA Holiday Decorations

A 2022 poll found that 80% of US citizens decorated their homes last year. 50% of those people said they decorate with Christmas lights in and outside their homes.

Many probably assume that 0% of these citizens live in Delaware HOA homes. Of course, this isn't true. An HOA community is as likely to join in the Christmas festivities as other neighborhoods throughout America.

There is a specific way HOA holiday decorating must, or rather, should be done, though. HOA management should set rules establishing how community members decorate for the Christmas season.

Below are five tips to set holiday decorating guidelines. We'll advise what rules to make and why they must be followed.

1. Make a Deadline

No one wants to see Santa and his reindeer in the middle of October and through July. The point of making deadlines is so the neighborhood retains its integrity.

In other words, the community will look like somewhere others want to live if Christmas decor isn't set out wildly out of season. The HOA board should provide specific set-up and take-down dates for decor.

It's also vital that board members follow this deadline. As community leaders, they're required to lead by example.

2. Rule Against Too Much Lights

Christmas lights are fun, nostalgic, and can even improve our health, but there is such a thing as overboard. Too much or too bright lights can become disruptive and distracting.

They can shine obnoxiously into someone else's home, yard, or even the road. Lights distracting drivers can become hazardous and even deadly.

3. Ban Or Restrict Noise Playing Distractions

Holiday decor is fun at the moment. However, no one wants to hear Jingle Bells on repeat at 11:00 PM when they're trying to sleep. HOA management has two choices for managing Christmas noise.

The first is banning noisy decorations altogether. Their second option is to restrict when you can play noise-making machines. You can set a schedule, such as from 10 AM to 10 PM.

4. Ban or Restrict Roof Decor

Enforcing HOA holiday decorating rules involves a lot of logistical thought. You've got to consider lights and noisy decor. There are also roof decorations - chiefly, how residents will anchor them.

No one wants their neighbor's inflatables flying into their yard or, worse, into the road. You can either ban roof decorations or stringently enforce roof anchoring protocols.

5. Enforce Fire Safety Rules

The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) says that 30% of all home fires happen during December, January, and February. Ensure homeowners practice fire safety by keeping candles 12 inches from flammable objects.

Remind homeowners to place Christmas trees (real or fake) away from fireplaces, candles, and radiators. HOA homes should keep outdoor light cords away from snow and water.

Make HOA Holiday Decorating Easier

HOA holiday decor isn't held back by regulations but helped by them. HOA holiday decorating is made more enjoyable for everyone when given guidelines.

Understandably, it can seem like a daunting task to try enforcing decorating rules in your Delaware HOA community. You don't have to handle the holiday season alone. Contact PMI First State to help manage your neighborhood.